english meditation classes in kyoto

Learn how to meditate and incorporate spiritual principles into day-to-day life

Welcome to free meditation classes in Kyoto!

Our regular classes are held near Kyoto University, a vibrant area in the heart of Kyoto. The classes are usually given in Japanese, but from time to time we invite guest lecturers from other countries giving classes in English with Japanese translation. (And the Japanese class givers can assist you in English, too.)

Who can join the classes?

It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or an advanced meditator. The only qualification you need is sincere inspiration and enthusiasm to learn to meditate.

Meditation is a way to learn more about yourself and unlock hidden inner capacities. It is very individual. We will gently and patiently assist you to find your way to meditate.

About the meditation lessons

The techniques we teach are easy to learn: meditating in the spiritual heart centre or heart chakra, concentration on breath, candle or flower, guided visualisations, chanting a mantra, and many others.

We will also talk about various topics such as obstacles to meditation, establishing a regular home practice and using meditation to solve problems.

You will be guided, step by step, to learn meditation techniques that suit your individual needs with the goal to establish a regular meditation practice.

To obtain best results, it is recommended to come to classes regularly.

What you can learn at our free meditation classes:

  • Fundamentals of successful meditation
  • Various breathing techniques, concentration exercises, visualizations, and many more
  • Using mantras and music to meditate
  • To calm down and get peace of mind
  • How to re-connect with the source, the soul, and understand ourselves better
  • Transforming weakness into strength and getting stronger self-confidence
  • The basics of spiritual lifestyle

pradeep meisou supootsuOur class givers

All of our class givers have practiced meditation for at least 13 years, usually even for many more. Our expert guide and loving teacher is spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Following his example of offering all lectures, concerts and other events for free as a service to the public, our meditation classes are always free of charge.

Meditation is very individual and differs from person to person. We will go step by step and learn various meditation exercises. Our lecturers will assist you to find meditation techniques that best suit you.

Why meditate?

  • To relax and calm the mind and so reduce stress
  • To develop mental clarity, focus and concentration
  • To balance emotions
  • To increase health, well-being and energy
  • To unlock creativity and intuition
  • To realise our potential in every aspect of our lives
  • To improve relations with other people
  • To feel spontaneous joy which comes from within and is not dependent on outer circumstances or people

You can learn more about us and our activities at the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Here are some of our English language events in Kyoto.


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